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In May of 2005 there were Six Warriors who ventured across America riding Easy Racers recumbent bikes. All had front fairings and four of the six had body socks.  The amount of streamlining these heavy tour’ers had was each riders choice.  Even though we were not in a hurry, streamlining the bikes made for a free’er rolling more aero efficient bike on an already comfortable touring platform.

Heavy Touring streamlined doesn’t mean you have to go fast. It just means you can pedal easier with less resistance.

We had three months to stop and smell the roses along the way hence we called this a “Luxo Tour”. You can read about our tour on the crazyguyonabike blog.



Taching cross winds.

Many times the cross winds work in favor by giving surprising push caused from wind sail tacking. Notice the difference of me leaning into the wind compared to the other rider in front is not getting the push. When it happens, I smile to myself and enjoy the free ride.

I might point out another design benefit of the Aero Wing tail frame. Notice the rider in front is wearing the sock on his shoulders “no air circulation”  Whereas the Aero Wing tail frame design keeps the sock off my shoulders therefore allowing plenty of air circulation – much like driving your car with the windows down. The picture at the top of this page gives another view of the “no shoulder” touch design.

Notice the Kansas corn blowing near horizontal in the gusty 25-30 mph headwinds. Once a rider acclimates to the buffering of the winds – it’s much like driving a light car – you get used to auto correction. However – when the wind becomes too strong to deal with – just tuck the sock up under the fairing. The fairing will still give an amazing aero advantage.

note: – We would pass a upright rider every morning between Hutchinson KS and Pueblo CO. He estimated we were going 1.5 mph faster than he was.

More streamlined touring recumbents “bents”

Terry on “Bent Tour 08”

Oregon Human Powered Vehicles “OHPV”

I had noticed after returning from our “Six Warriors” Trans American tour, there were several friends that had shown interest in self-supported touring. I felt it would be a good idea to conduct a seminar to present the  – good – bad – and ugly of cycle touring. After all – our Oregon Human Power Vehicles “OHPV” organization had a multitude of experience with in our ranks.  After talking with few fellow Trans American riders, we tapped our own resources to present a informative  seminar. The “Bent Tour08”  seminar – In order to really get a taste of Trans American long distance – a week-long tour was scheduled to ride across the Oregon coastal mountains  – down the Pacific Coast – back across the coastal mts. once again – across the Willamette Valley then up 3000 ft into the Cascade mountains, then home to Portland OR self-supported. This would be a week-long tour for most, a few days  more for others from Washington state, as all riders rode their bikes from home. No one used a car for the whole tour.  However –  there was a catch – everyone would have to do a self-contained over nighter “before” being accepted on this tour. This was to give the rider time and exposure with their equipment choice/weight, physical fitness, and bike condition. Most riders chose to tour to the Recumbent Retreat to qualify as it will cross the coastal mountain range of Oregon for a real-time experience of what a heavy tourer is all about. Several veteran riders were along also for the enjoyable tour. The Extra Bonus was the Recumbent Retreat is always a fun event highlight for the year.

 The Seminar- – Bent Tour 08

The result of the “Bent Tour 08” has given the newbie cycle tourist the confidence to follow their dreams of  long distance touring.

This is a special couple –

Kirke and Kathi travel several weeks each year on their streamlined Fold Rushes.    Kirke happens to be a 10,000 mile annual rider.

 Dave “Slug” Vangundy is a Bent Tour 08 graduate – he has done the Southern Tier from San Diego to St. Augustine FL. In 2011 he continued his trip starting St Augustine connecting to the “Nazz Trace” to St. Louis where he got weathered out by Tornadoes. His plans are to complete his tour from St Louis to connect on to the KATY trail heading west to parts yet to be decided in the future.

TransAmerica rider Dave Vangundy on his Streamlined Gold Rush. Read his Southern tier journey on crazyguyonabike. More to come !

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