Ti-Rush XL custom factory build 70.25″



For Sale

For the TALL RIDERS that have a hard time finding a suitable recumbent.

Easy Racers ti-Rush with –  a full touring kit – and – full fairing speed kit.

Quote by Jim Langley of Recumbent Cyclist News


One word pops into my head every time I head out on this bike: civilized. The wide padded seat, the chopper-like wheelbase, the low stance and luxurious Zzipper fairing makes one feel protected and pampered. Partly it’s because the cranks are low (13 inches of the ground) making very comfortable to plant your feet. A major contributor is a windshield, which blocks gust, bugs, and debris from blasting your face and body. It’s a treat on cold or wet days or when fighting a headwind. It makes me want to try even more protection as Easy Racers’ full fairing kit. This $695 option, one of the most popular upgrades offered by the company, includes a special Zzipper fairing, rear rack, rear support and a Lycra “sock” that envelopes rider and bike providing free speed. Interestingly, it only add’s five pounds and is easy to remove and tuck into the fairing (or a bag) should extreme cause handling problems. (end of quote)


The Easy Racers Body Sock Speed Kit.

Comment by Lonnie Morse Portland, OR:

My first-hand experience – there is a 20% aerodynamic benefit in “touring configuration” by using a Fairing with Body Sock – 30% without touring panniers in the slip stream.  My “after tour” math came up with a surprisingly impressive figure. For the two of the six riders “in our group” that rode with a Body Sock 98% of the tour – we received approx. 820 free distance miles on the 4200 mile Trans American tour in 2005. Although speed wasn’t the objective by using the Body Sock – the speed difference was noticeable while easily reeling in other un-faired bike tourists effortlessly. One upright bike tourist made a comment to me that he figured we were cruising approx. 1.5/2 mph faster than he was. I confirmed his comment while taking note of riding around him “three days” crossing western KS/eastern CO. However – for touring application I rather view the aerodynamic benefit as a “mile per calory factor” IE riding in economy mode. The speed difference just came as an additional perk.

Note: – this is one of the “Six Warriors” Trans American bikes. Tour link below.

Copy/Paste tour link below.


The blue “Water Proof” Body Sock has a few tears that can easily be repaired by simple sewing.  The solid blue stretchy fabric of this sock is water proof.  It is a rare find – very hard to come by.

Three Tail Socks are included.

The Tail Sock is for short rides. Not as efficient as a full Body Sock, but never the less beneficial.

Three Tail Socks with factory tail frame.

Full touring Dash Board.


Notice below –  the fold away Carbon Fiber tail frame poles.

Simple but yet very functional alternative to the factory tail frame. Why? The factory tail frame takes valuable needed space from the rack. This large size Truck Bag could have never been used with the factory tail frame. When not in use, the carbon fiber poles are secured by the trunk bag velcro that is undone just above the pole. Check out the very 1st top picture to see the poles in their stole away position.

Carbon Fiber Tent Poles makes for a convenient stole away.

A clever idea for a light weight functional design.

Bullet Proof 700c Rear – Aero Spoke, 9-speed cassette, disc brake and a new tire.


Note; – in addition to the Easy Reach panniers shown in the top image – this is another set of touring Panniers “LoongEasy” for the TransAmerica tour in your bucket list. Yes, they are showing wear and tear – never the less these are still functional with minimal repair. These are rare items for as they are no longer available new. Other points of interest are the S&S coupler joints, t-cycle pannier racks,  t-cycle chain idler and a “new” one piece chain.


20″ AeroSpoke wheel is perfect for those trouble free touring miles.


A second 180mm crank set is included in case the new owner wants a longer crank arm. Note;  The amber color grease on bottom bracket is not rust. This is a special grease for titanium. This is the color of the grease. There is still plenty of grease on the bottom bracket shell for re-installation.


Tools, tubes and original paper work included.



The bike has been used for TransAmerican type of touring. As a result, it shows wear and tear. So – lets not be critical of less than perfect condition. When you use it yourself for touring, I assure you will add your own marks from use. The bike cleans up nicely and is a solid platform to use for the heavy duty use of distance touring or just strip it down and use it a club rider.  By the way – this bike is a custom build by Garner Martin and Steve Delaire for the heavy duty use of TransAmerican touring an owner that is a tall 6′ 7″ BIG BOY of approx 275 lbs. (think College Basketball Player) I’m told the bike frame is load rating at approx. 380 lbs. After cleaning, polishing and careful inspection, there is no sign of sagging and or weld cracks. It is as solid as a rock as a tiRush should be.

The condition of bike and components appraisal rating from 1-10.

Frame – at first look the frame looks to be a 5.0 – but, due to it having engineered internal frame enforcement, expensive S&S couplers and polished out nicely – I have to reconsider and rate this frame set as a 7.0. Due to the pannier racks and touring use, there are a few compression marks on the frame. The kickstand plate has been broken off hence a rear chain stay kick stand was added as a replacement. Actually, the chain stay kickstand is a better choice for touring anyway because it keeps the heavy touring weight distribution on the bike wheels. Coupled frame sets are rare – so I stand by my appraisal of 7.0.

Shift components – 4. The SRAM 9.0 Grip Shift functions perfectly but shows wear on the grips. The front derailleur is a Ultegra – Rear is a Shimano XTR. Both front and rear derailleurs work perfectly.

Brakes – 8.0 Front is a SRAM 7.0 Linear-Pull with new pads.  The rear is an AVID Disc brake with “new” rotor and pads.

Fairing – 2.0 The Zzipper Body Sock fairing has a lot of wear and tear. Repair has been done on lower left corner. It will get you by for the short haul but a replacement is recommended before any distance touring.

Tires – 9.5. the rear tire is a like new 700×32 Schwalbe Marathon Plus. Front is low mileage Schwalbe 20″ 1.5 Schwalbe Marathon.

Three Body Socks – 9.5

One blue “water proof” Body Sock has tears that can be sewn up – 5.0

Three Tail Socks – 9.5

Driveline – New Chain – 10.0  Chain Rings show nominal wear. 6.0  Bottom Brackets – both have mileage on them – 5.0  9 speed Cassette – nominal wear – 6.0.     Shift Cable/Housing – nominal wear – 5.0.  Brake Cable/Housing show nominal wear 5.0.

Carbon Fenders – front 3.0 – rear 2.0. Both have touring battle damage but are still functional and structurally sound.

Panniers and misc. bags – nominal wear and tear – 5.0.

Aero Spoke wheels – front – 8.0.  Rear – 9.0  The rear wheel is a low mileage factory re-build.

New bike value with extras approx. $8000.

Asking $3500. OBO

Have any questions at all – call, text or email me.

Contact Lonnie Morse – lonniemorse@gmail.com

503-449-3079 call or tx







About Lonnie Morse

Long time recumbent bike rider - former general aviation pilot - always looking for an adventure to experience - aero dynamics fastenates me.
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