Tail Frame and Body Sock FAQ

Aero Wing tail frame – Cobra seat – with out trunk rack

What are tail frames?

Answer: A tail frame is a skeletal tubular structure covered by cloth to shape an aerodynamic form much like a cloth covered aircraft wing. The tail frame purpose is to minimize turbulent air that forms behind the rider very much like the wheel fairing cover of an aircraft landing gear.

Why should I use a tail frame?

Answer: -. When the rider/bike mass passes through the air – it creates air turbulent, that equates to frictional drag – faster the speed – more the drag.

Why should tail frames be custom fit to the rider?

Answer: – The tail frame should fit with in the same air stream profile of the rider on their bike. If – there is a disruption of air stream – turbulent drag will form.

Will a tail frame work on my bike?

Answer: – Aero Wing tail frames work for most types of recumbent bikes and trikes.

How much does a tail frame weigh?

Answer: – Weight varies pending size of rider and bike application. However – Aero Wing tail frames usually weigh in lighter than other brands.

Does the Aero Wing tail frame come with a cover?

Answer: – No – however most tail frame applications use a Spandex/Lycra stretch cover that can be sewn by the owner and or purchased from Aero Wing.

Due to this being a niche market, Body Socks are made in runs of six. Colors have been selected for the purpose of being  visible in the shade as possible. Colors are made from limited availability of fabric.           Note: –  first come, first serve for each run.

What makes a Safety Sock different.

1. – One inch velcro for holding a tight sock with out pull off.

2. – Stretch velcro used at the corner of the fairing for a non buckling aerodynamic smooth finish.

3. – Sock designed to mate with the Aero Wing tail frame.

4. – Heavier duty fabric for durability – “a longer lasting Body Sock”.

5. – The Tail Frame and Body Sock work together to provide ventilation for summer riding.

6. – Data from comparative side by side roll out testing has concluded glossy fabric more  aero efficient than non gloss fabrics.

7. – Visibility.  Colors have been chosen to be as visible as possible “in the shade” on a bright sunny day.

8. – High Viz Silver swoosh for shade and  night riding.

(This page is still being built – pictures of sock colors coming soon)

Body Socks are all smooth glossy “fast” colors with a silver swoosh. The silver is not glass bead reflective – however it has been said, it is “almost” as bright at night. I will be posting images of the sock at night for illustration.

Colors are – Sky Blue, Hi Viz Red, Orange Sherbert, and Florescent Green. Bear in mind, colors can and do vary a bit from internet images on this blog. 

Body Sock – $195.

Teal Aero pic

Tail Socks – limited supply – these three only –  $100. each

Tail Socks m 021 Tail Socks m 012 Tail Socks m 004

How do I order?

Email Aerowing1@comcast.net

Usually takes an average of one week for USPS or UPS  delivery. Transactions by PayPal payment.

Final questions are encouraged by phone 503-449-3079 to save keyboard time. Many times thoughts come up through conversation that would not come up otherwise. 

Thank you for your interest in Aero Wing recumbent components.

Lonnie Morse


About Lonnie Morse

Long time recumbent bike rider - former general aviation pilot - always looking for an adventure to experience - aero dynamics fastenates me.
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3 Responses to Tail Frame and Body Sock FAQ

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  2. Perry says:

    Hi Lonnie, what seat bag is that pictured in the tail frame photo above?

    • Lonnie Morse says:

      That is a JANN Mountain Wedge.


      It has been the most versatile bike bag I have ever owned. I just keep using it bike after bike. I simply sling it over the top of the Cobra seat back “upside down” by way of a nylon adjustable strap looped through the hardware where the elastic bungies used to be. I love the feature of the bag expanding just from a simple zipper. The out side straps that normally are on top used for strapping under neight to the seat rails on a MTB have an alternative use for rolling a jacket up and strapping it down on the outside of the bag. The strap that is used for the seat post on an uprite bike – is extended by use of a velcro strap down under the seat strutt’s of the Cobra seat so to keep the bag from slipping up off the top of the seat. So in esscents – I use the bag up-side down pointed down for recumbent use. Look at this link – think of the bag being flipped around up side down and pointed more verticle.


      If you need more info – I can post close-up pictures for a better understanding of my description. The main reason I like this bag is, it is as large as most rack bags and doesn’t require a 3.5 lb mountain rack. Let me know if you want pictures.

      Lonnie ~

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