Streamliner has Sold

Nothing like the freedom from air resistance

Human powered streamliners are the “fighter jets” of bicycles. They are much like flying light aircraft on the ground. Sensitive to cross winds – quiet and fast – it is an indescribable feeling setting up for a deep lean into a turn at 45 mph. Feeling the cushion of ground effects is surreal.

Varna Clone Shell with Zephyr lowracer chassis.

This is a solid handling Streamliner. Shell is made of “two layers of Carbon
Fiber/one layer of Kevlar”. Zephyr Chassis is steel frame with elastomer
rear suspension. Rear wheel is 700c – front wheel 406. Removable canopy makes
for convenient entry and egress. Front wheel doors makes this a maneuverable
liner for time trailing. Hinged Bombay doors for legs are present but have never been used.

52/70 shiftable tooth chain rings

More pictures on following links.

Streamliner is in black Primer


About Lonnie Morse

Long time recumbent bike rider - former general aviation pilot - always looking for an adventure to experience - aero dynamics fastenates me.
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